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Model Application

Work With Me to Create Art That Will Reach Millions and Grace the Walls of Galleries & Museums

Thank you for considering a studio session with me. I consider it an honor that you would allow me to capture you to create amazing art that will hopefully outlive us both. I want to take a few moments to provide you with some insight into how I work so that you know exactly what to expect from your time with me.

Fine Art Shoot Invites

If I have invited you to shoot with me for fine art, the terms are very simple. There is no session charge or fee to shoot and collaborate with me for fine art. Come prepared to shoot 2-4 concepts, which we should try to solidify prior to our shoot. Usually, through Pinterest or Facebook messaging. If any of the images are used for art pieces, you and I will share in the profits. If we collaborate with a makeup artist and/or stylist, they will receive a share of those profits.

After our shoot, I will provide you a few photos from our time together as I create art pieces from them. I cannot promise how many or the timeframe, and I never release the raw shots from my camera. However, you are more than welcome to schedule a time to see your entire shoot at my office. I encourage that, especially for new models or ones that are shooting art for the first time.

It's important to note that most of my shoots do involve some level of bodily exposure. About 95% of what I shoot are nudes, while others range in exposure level. This is due to the nature of fine art and the reflection of light on skin. As you may know from my style, I "paint with shadow". So, skin provides the perfect reflector to counteract the darkness I create. In my Pre-shoot Questionnaire, you will be able to indicate exactly what you feel comformtable with. Your comfort is my TOP priority.


If you are commissioning (paying) me for a specific portrait or concept, I'm super excited to work with you. Your session is always free. On-location require the payment of travel expenses.

After our time together, I will invite you to my gallery to review the final selections from your shoot so that you can choose from them. My rates for transforming your raw photos into artwork in my style is $500 per day that I spend working on your images. Once again, I only release my raw camera files if they are purchased in entirety, but you will have the opportunity to preview selected images to choose which ones you would like me to create artwork from. The final work will be delivered within 1-2 weeks after your final selection. You may also order prints for an additional cost. The entire collection of raw images from the shoot may be purchased for $10,000.

Turnaround Times

Unless you are commissioning a piece, I do not promise specific turnaround times for your photos. I only release images that I am absolutely thrilled with, and those take time to create. Target turnaround for commissions is 1-2 weeks. Fine art collaboration sessions have no timeframe as they are highly dependent on moments of inspiration and my workload.

Please note that your images are never shared except between me and you until release. If they are used for art pieces, they can only be viewed in the online venues we agree upon, by the public at my art gallery, another gallery, art shows, or in a private collection. You may also purchase a fine art print for your own collection. If explicit nudity (exposire of genitalia) is involved, I only use images that you and I agree on. Nothing explicit will ever be released without your consent. I stake my reputation on it.

Are You Ready To Shoot?

Let's gather some information from you in order to schedule your shoot. Click on the button below to begin my pre-shoot questionnaire.

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