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Private Commissions & Portraits

An Experience Designed to Capture the Beauty, Mystery, and Emotion of Your Personal Story

Your most intimate and expressive moments should be entrusted to an artist who can capture and present them in the most beautiful way possible. Most of my clients only ever take intimate, nude, or sensual photographs once in their lives, and I am honored that when I can be the photographer they choose and the artist who creates the art pieces that will survive generations.

Experience the freedom and passion in my dark world of emotion. Let me find you in the shadows and bring to light the most beautiful images that have every been taken of you. My private commissions make beautiful gifts, private d├ęcor, and an exquisite addition to your art collection. Sessions are provided at no cost. Then, after a viewing session of the best images from our time together, you will be provided with various size, medium, and framing options.

The final pieces will be timeless frozen moments from a memory that will last a lifetime.

  • Professional studio setting
  • 1 to 4-hour sessions
  • Private, discreet, and confidential
  • You control the rights to your pictures
  • JGomez's signature artistry and image treatment
  • Fine art prints and top quality craftmanship
  • A collectable museum-quality art piece that features you

Book your session today by filling out the form on this page or calling my studio at (813) 300-0106. Sessions are limited to my ongoing art schedule and availability. Evening sessions only.

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