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appassionato (2015)

Artist Statement

I am captivated by the intersection of all of the various definitions throughout the ages. I have witnessed moments in life where one feels the convergence of all the renderings of passion at once - a deep, stinging desire and longing that combines with intolerable suffering and intense, driving conviction.... This is the fullest embodiment of passion in all of its forms. This is the focus of the appassionato Project - to capture that moment and feeling. It's found in an artist's sudden brush stroke, in a dancer's bruising feet, and in the singer's contorted face. It's in the last burning thrust of an intense workout, and likewise in the final moments of the most intense emotional and physical release. It's the longing, the agony, the triumphant capture, and sudden escape that drives life's most passionate moments.

The appassionato Collection is a fine art collection by award-winning photographer and visual artist, JGomez. The collection is inspired by the artist's personal story of realizing that life is more than just working to live. It's about FEELING life. Embarking on a 6-month journey, he asked friends and strangers to live their passions in front of his camera as he reinterpreted them into beautiful art. In the end, he realized that he failed to find his own, watching others as he had always done.

This is the challenge of those who have come together to create the appassionato Project and the uniting bond of those whose images will be captured over late evening sessions in an environment of freedom, safety, and common sentiment.

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