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Pre-Shoot Questionnaire

Please fill out this questionnaire so that I have idea about what your goals and objectives are as well as what you are comfortable with. Please be aware that fine art photography involves a higher level of bodily exposure than other photographic styles. Almost all of my shoots these days involve partial or complete nudity. If you are offended or apprehensive about this issue, please take the time to speak to me about it to ensure that I am the right fit for you.

The Questionnaire

What Makes You Passionate?

What Concepts Are You Interested In?

Model Exposure

The following questions are designed to specify the environment for your photo shoot. Because this is a fine art shoot, some level of nudity is anticipated. However, I want every model to feel free to adjust their shoot to their own comfort level. Please answer the following questions so that we can match the concepts we recommend to what you are comfortable with artistically.

During the photo shoot, I am comfortable with:

In the final published photo, I am comfortable with:


Although my work is by no means pornographic or sexually explicit, all of my work contains a level of eroticism, whether subtle or obvious. It's important to me to know what you are comfortable with so that I can suggest appropriate concepts while staying away from things that you might not feel comfortable with. In order to do this, please choose the level of comfort you have with erotic concepts.


To open up creative possibilities, please let us know if you are willing to be paired with another model for your shoot. Please note that we will not require nor ask for any overtly sexual shots, but pairing will most likely require affectionate physical contact of some sort.

Availability & Scheduling

Additional Comments

Please keep in mind that everything in my shoots will be done tastefully and artistically. Your entire shoot will be the result of a close collaboration between you and me. Nothing will be photographed or released that is beyond your comfort level. You are more than welcome to bring one escort to the shoot if you choose. However, please note that escorts may not provide input into the shoot unless they are a spouse or partner.

Final Thoughts

This shoot is a partnership between Jose Gomez (the photographer) and you, the model. All profits from sales of the final artwork will be shared with everyone who collaborats in creating the shots that sell. 25% of all profits will be split equally among the collaborators. As an example, if a photo that was the result of a collaboration with you, the photographer, and a piece sells for $500, the cost of print and the frame would be subtracted first, followed by 25% royalty to you. Please note that profit sharing can only happen if your photograph sells. You will not receive payments for sales of photographs that you were not a collaborator for. Collaboration also does not include helping a fellow model or the photographer with their concept during any shared photo shoot time.

If you are COMMISSIONING a portrait, you affirm that you understand my pricing structure and you agree to a free studio session and to pay for images you choose from our session. You also understand that I do not release nor sell the raw shots from my camera at any time, but you will be able to preview your shoot for selection of images to retouch.

Submitting this form affirms that you agree to the above terms and that the information you provided above can be used to provide concepts to you in order to begin the process of deciding on the final concepts for your photo shoot.

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